Hi, I am just writing to let you know how disappointed I am in the democratic party. I am no longer a member, and I do not financially support the party. I have been a democrat my entire life, I have never voted for a republican, nor will I, but I am dissatisfied with what I see in the party. When the Democrats screwed Bernie in 2016, I was very angry. The way the party has treated Bernie is shameful. When the party screwed Bernie again this year I knew I would never join the party. The Democratic Party "Machine" has become Republican Light, determined to maintain the status quo. Progressive candidates and elected officials are "outside the tent", and unsupported by the party. Joe Biden's nomination made it clear that the party has not had a new idea or a fresh face in decades. What a dismal choice, someone we will all be forced to vote for as the "lesser of two evils" Joe is about as uninspiring a candidate as you could have chosen. Nice guy, but a three time loser, whose peak was the 1970's. Until he won the S. Carolina primary,he would not have even had enough votes to carry on his campaign, he had zero chance of gaining the nomination until you took all the other players out of the game. . Many of my friends feel as I do, and I see the same sentiment when I read comments about political stories online. I am 64 years old, and I feel unhappy with the party, I can only imagine younger voters are even less excited about belonging to the democratic party than I am. Democrats.have another election in four years, can you start working now to find a candidate that has an inspiring message, someone we are excited to vote for? When the population of the party is younger, more diverse and more female than the republican party, perhaps you can steer away from candidates that are pale, stale and male. Sincerely, Sherryll Shaddock